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NEURO-Optimized Athletic Training

NOAT is the knowledge form over 10 years of research in sports performance enhancement and injury prevention through combined physical and brainstem training.
First some background:
Coach Markus carries a German Master in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, a Bachelor In Physical Therapy, is a Certified Sports Physical Therapist and specializes together with a German University in research about brainstem training for athletic performance and injury prevention. Coach Markus was invited to many International Neurology Conferences around the globe, and his work is world know in this field.  His latest conference was as Keynote Speaker at the 16th Annual Congress on Neuroscience (Neuroscience Congress 2021, Germany). Title: “Neuroscience in Sports: Neuro-Optimized Multimodal Training in endurance athletes for performance enhancement and injury prevention.” Coach Markus applied these unique knowledge and technique for many years in the one-on-one training with outstanding success.

How does NOAT work?
Have you ever thought about why professional athletes do these weird exercises on balance devices and perform multisensory exercises like reading texts or "play" with reaction lights?
Well, this is Neuro-Optimized Multimodal Training for injury prevention and athletic performance.

In the brainstem are 8 nuclei which are part of the central vestibular system. The vestibular

nuclei are the origins of the vestibulospinal tracts that play a major role in the neural control of both body and head posture. The vestibular nuclei influence postural control, proprioception, joint stability,  planned movements and the efficiency of muscle activities. The vestibular nuclei also have extensive commissure connections between sides and reciprocal connections to supraspinal, brainstem, and spinal regions controlling posture and balance to ensure that vestibulospinal influences are coordinated with the actions of the other pathways, and in reaction to sensory stimuli in the environment from vision, proprioception, and peripheral vestibular system. We don't want to get too scientific here and to make things easy: The vestibular nuclei control joint stability, posture, and increase the efficiency of muscle work. Neuro-Optimized Multimodal Training is included in our Full Service, one-on-one coaching and the result is less prone to injuries and better performance.

Less prone to injuries

better performance

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